The majority of enterprises have been installing PCs, conditioners, make use of synthetics in decorating interior order to keep up with the modern tendencies. This leads to formation of electrostatic fields and deionization of air, to electric air imbalance. People which are long taking place in such premise, frequently feel of discomfort, closeness, weariness and decrease in concentration of attention. Under influence of conditioners and monitor
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Strangely enough, we pay so much attention to what we eat, drink and at the same time we show such an insignificant interest to the air we breathe. "The air is a pasture of life", - used to say ancient doctors. The state of health of a person depends on the quality of air. But how can we determine whether the air is good or not? What is its biological and physiological importance? And how can we regulate the quality - for example, how can we crea
In our atmosphere there are quite strong electric fields. In normal conditions the ground is charged negatively, the clouds layer - positively. Normally the field is orientated from bottom to top. But it happens that the direction changes. Generally the difference of potentials is 100 volt per meter, sometimes during storms, snowstorms, dust storms it reaches 1000 volt per meter. Great changes of electric potential directly connected to meteorolo
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In 1748 began the researches of "atmosphere electricity". The abbot Nolet described his experiments where he electrified plants that put under the charged electrodes. He realized that the germination and development of plants was much better. But later there was no interest in the air ionization and about one century no one remembered about it.
Martin observed such an interesting phenomenon that the speed of air ions could largely vary because of the gas pollution and according to the age of the ion. Bekket denied the existence of exact definition of ions according to their sizes, because in the normal atmosphere there was a mixture of all types and sizes of ions, which moved with the different speed inversely to their sizes. Schvangard believes that air ions had "quite difficult molecu
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