For more than four decades, Yantar (formerly known as Sapphire) has been engaging in advanced air ionization research, industrial production of gauging equipment, feedback systems and various models of ionizers. Yantar is a manufacturer of the top-quality products, satisfying criteria of national standards.

We started working in civic area in 1995, when the new edition of national standard for the working places certification (offices and industrial areas) came in. Solid results of in-house research and ingenious design solutions in the air ionization area have enabled many original techniques. Adjusting the workplaces to comply with the requirements of national and international standards might be a challenge, especially for a big company. To provide technical and methodology support, Yantar employs highly skilled specialists, composing the advisory board.

Areas of expertise

  • Environmental safety
  • Effects of air ion insufficiency on humans
  • Influence of elestrostatic fields on humans


  • Search for sources of air ions deficiency
  • Determine the reasons of air ions deficiency
  • Define the technical guidelines: define how to maintain air ion concentration that meets the national sanitary-hygienic standard
  • Implement procedures to satisfy the above guidelines


We work with companies and governmental agencies and bodies in nearly all regions of Russia

Public Sector

  • Russian Department of Defense
  • Rostelekom
  • Svyazinvest
  • Tatneft’
  • Mosenergo
  • Lukoil
  • Ministry of Labor and Social Development
  • Nearly all departments of national state sanitary-and-epidemiologic inspections

Corporate Customers

  • Ecological organizations, manufacturers and dealers of air ionizers

European customers

  • CIS and the former Soviet republics
  • Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan


  • U.S.A., Canada, Germany, U.K., Korea.

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Line in U.S.A. (Arizona): +1 (928) 441-4528
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