Chizhevsky Lamp - experiments

Chizhevsky Lamp - experiments

Author's variants of air ionizer, which were developed by Chizhevsky, needed voltage no less than 1000KV. It was necessary in order the charge could fly 3-3,5 meters and reach the ground. The procedure continued no more than 5 minutes per day, otherwise poisonous ozone could do much harm to patient. Patients were strict under the lamp. To neutralize the excess of negative air ions earthing was necessary there. Eathing prevented accumulation of negative charge on surrounding objects. In the rooms of air ionization sessions there was organized wet cleaning 2-3 times a day in order to escape the accumulation of charged dust. Before and after session the room was ventilated. Also it was necessary to look after the humidity in the room with Chizhevsky air ionizer. Smoking was forbidden.

It is important to realize that the air ionizer of Chizhevsky was developed and used as the medical device for treating effect. And it required the strict observance of the usage procedure and constant medical control of patients. Air ionization in the method of Chizhevsky has never been prophylactic of diseases. 

Obviously, the method of Chizhevsky can't be recommended to consumers as prophylactic, because it is impossible to follow all above cited conditions at home. That's why this method cannot be use in ordinary flats. It is evident that a healthy person does not need remedy, just as unreasonable is the usage of the air ionization in the method of Chizhevsky without necessary indications of treatment procedures. Attempts of uncontrolled use of Chizhevsky ionizer can be dangerous for your health. 

For prophylaxis you can use bipolar ionizers, which exclude the overdosage of ions, high concentration of ozone and electrostatic field. If there is no opportunity to get the bipolar ionizer, it would be better if you do not have the ionizer at all, because there will be more side effects than the supposed benefit.

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