Why ionizers are necessary in our life?

Why ionizers are necessary in our life?

"Please, open the window, it is very stuffy here and I have a headache", say some people. "On no account!" - say the others. "It is very cold in the street, we don't want draughts, colds, radiculitis". It is very likely that such disputes appear in any establishment, but anyway everybody fails. Why? Because the open window doesn't solve the problem of air freshness...

It is well known what we breathe in the street; special services control the atmosphere composition in the city. But no one knows what we breathe at home, at work, in the bus, there where we spend the most part of our life. A man is like a car, every exhalation is an "exhaust". While breathing a carbonic acid and about 200 harmful things evolve. In closed space the air becomes "dead" in a very short period: negative ions of ozone, microorganisms and some other components are destroyed. As the result of it our brains work worse, fatigability increases, and the organism is poisoning slowly that even people don't notice it. In such situation even street air, which is not very pure, seems to be fresh. And what about conditioners, air-cleaners which are made to create the microclimate in the room? The researches defined that conditioned air is dead like distilled water. In this too clear artificial atmosphere the absence of some things that are so necessary for people, causes the drop in capacity for work and sometimes even diseases. Usage of different cleaners, moisturizers, Chizhevsky lamps is also not the way out. These devices ignore special conditions, but we know that high concentration of ions and ozone is harmful. 

In order to decrease these factors it is necessary to ionize the air with the help of bipolar ionizer. There are ions of both polarities in the forest, at the seaside, in the mountains, everywhere: That's why in the norms of SanPin the Ministry of Health from  June 15, 2003 the presence of ions of both polarities is written as the indispensable condition. 


  • An electrostatic field is not formed and even if it appears in the room it is neutralized with the help of bipolar ionizer.
  • The ozone is evolved in very small proportions, ozone is an oxidant and it is dangerous in big doses. 
  • In contrast to unipolar ionizers the ions of nitric compounds are not formed. 
  • If the ionizer producers only negative ions, face and clothes become negatively charged and new produced ions can't reach the breathing ways, so there is no use of such negative ions. 

The author of the article - Aydar Tuktagulov (Sapphire Company www.ionization.ru)