On the 3rd of June 1950 there was one of the greatest thunderstorms that were recently observed in Uppsala. It began very quickly near the city and then abruptly stopped. The period of thunderstorm continued from 3.21PM till 5.35PM. The general quantity of precipitations was 32,3mm, the most effective precipitations were observed at 3.45PM. Thunderstorm moved from west to east.
To get the characteristic of small atmospheric ions quantity there was used the method, which included periodic alternation of limited mobility of simple condenser, through which the air stream passed. According to mobility there was calculated the distribution of ions quantity. The structure of distribution function changed in the course of time. In this work there was discussed the idea that the ions, which were usually called small atmospheric
We found out the correlation between the variations of ions density and definite meteorological factors during the winter period. The same conclusions were made in summer measurements.
As a rule, exit gases have a positive electric charge, but sometimes - a negative one. This charge does not depend on the electric potential of a car. And probably, predomination of water drops or carbon particles in exit gases influences the formation of negative or positive charges.
From the physics of uncharged gases is known that it is possible to find out not only monomolecular, but also monatomic ions and moreover some heavier ("multi molecular") ions in ionized gases at high pressures. The mobility of these ions is much smaller than the mobility of monomolecular ions; moreover they were found in different gases and mixtures of gases, it was defined while measurement of mobility and with the help of mass spectrography
Concentration of small ions in free atmosphere, its daily and seasonal correlation with other meteorological factors, such as humidity, wind direction and precipitations were studied very carefully both on the ground and on open sea. The most important results can be stated as following:
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