A short history of air ionization development in Kazan city

A short history of air ionization development in Kazan city

Hello! Live long and happily! I am very surprised that so a lot of people are interested in ionization and effects connected with it. Let me introduce myself Reuta Victor Pavlovich, in three years I will celebrate my 70th anniversary, I hope I will live until that time. I began working seriously at ionization at the end of 1967 (I got my first authors certificates at that time). I was interested in counters and ion spectrometers, aspiration condensators, ion generators (radioactive and corona), regulators of concentration and factors of ions unipolarity in closed volumes, new measuring methods, generation and regulation of all reminded parameters and in different necessary electronics.

I studied articles, books, patents, author's certificates of scientists who were engaged in ionization researches during many years in Russia and abroad. I communicated personally with most of them, who studied this field of science. Non-official scientific center was a "Problem Laboratory of air ionization and electric aerosols" attached to Tartus State University. They regularly sent me editions of "Scientific Notes" on this theme. Professor of physics and mathematics Tammet H.F. worked in this University for a long time and then cooperated with them. He was the author of one of the best books of classical aspiration method of air ions concentration and spectrum measurement. Lots of times we met with him in Tallin and Kazan. 

My tutor was Komarov Nikolay Nikolayevich from the Institute of medical and biological problems. He was my friend and co-author of some inventions. Because of him and Institute I was engaged in defense industry. Of course, there were no publications in press. 
I was an inventor by nature. I got 60 author's certificates with co-authors and without them. The most part of my works was connected with different sectors of ionization measuring and regulation. Unfortunately, the third part of them (the most interesting) was not published for different reasons. 

Air ionization researches were also carried out in space. At launch of "Salut-6" station there was applied an automatic ionization system "Svezhest", which was produced in Kazan State Technical University n. a. Tupolev. There were publications in "Pravda" newspaper - "Experiments on Orbit" (Centre of flights management, 17th of February 1973) Today the main part of the "Salut" - "Soyuz- 27" complex team program contains medical experiments. Yury Romanenko and Georgy Crechko carry out a complex cycle of electrocardiographic researches of cardiovascular system. Cosmonauts will also research systems of the blood circulation with dosed physical activity on bicycle ergometer. In the program of the day there is also included an experiment on study of dynamics of gaseous medium changes in conditions of the long space flight. A special installation "Svezhest" is also included in the vital activity supporting systems. It is intended for ionization of air in premises of orbital complex with the purpose of beneficial influence on organisms of cosmonauts. According to telemetric data the state of space complex systems is normal. 

Generators of ions (there were three ionizers in the set) were fastened to regular vehicle-borne ventilators. 

Digital control and measuring block was used only at ground measurements and stayed on the Earth. I did not know the results of this experiment. The development was protected by a lot of inventions. Later, there were some other works. 
There are represented pictures of first aspiration condensators for different ion counters. For variety there is given a picture of "Ion-3" ion spectrometer. 

There were developments of 60-70th. There were developments for underwater and underground workers. Some works still go on in Institute.

In 1980 I left Aviation Institute and began to work at other questions, but I did not stop communicating with my former colleagues. After my leaving the Laboratory stopped its work, there were no any new projects and research stopped. 

Now I am on a pension, I grow fruits and vegetables, live in the house, which I built myself, I drink spring water, gather mushrooms and berries. I was very surprised when my former colleague with his son Aidar (the creator of ionization site) applied to me with ionization questions. I would not think that anyone is still interested in it. While my communication with Aidar I came to the conclusion that he had very serious intentions in ionization field and I agreed to help him. First af all he got an access to all my information. I had books, articles from scientific magazines of Europe, Asia, America, and patents of different countries, author's certificates of USSR. That is why if he wrote articles about ionization measurements, so they were taken from serious sources. 

And I want to note that neither Abider nor me are interested in advertising of someone's works and we will refer to different sources only in cases of legal necessity. 

There was a lot of disputes on the forum about "A Monster of Chizhevsky". First of all, Chizhevsky was a founder of heliobiology, which was used in cosmonautics. And he used "his lamp" not in a dirty mine, but in a clean room. There were given 100KV to create a definite voltage of the field between a"lamp" and floor to give the ions a necessary speed ("ion wind"). Ions aged very quickly, it meant that other molecules and aerosols joined them, that was the reason why it was important to deliver them to a person as quickly as possible. If we took the mobility of ions as K=1,6cm3/V.sec, and the height up to lamp is 3 meters, so at 100 kV voltage ions speed was V=KE=1,6*100*103 /300==0,53*103 cm/sec, i.e. 5 meters per second. So, at this voltage ions reached the floor in less than 1 second, and if miners sat on chairs ions reached them much quicker. Decrease of voltage decreased a speed of ions and they reached a person "dirtier" and "weaker". Moreover, the miners sat under the "lamp" for prophylaxis and stayed there less than 5-6 minutes. It was dangerous to sit under the "lamp" for longer time, because the concentration of air ions was very high and a person became negatively charged that he perceived fewer ions. And as we knew influence of high voltage for long time was not good. For consonant operation it was necessary to use bipolar ionization, where the unipolarity factor (K+/K-) of ions was closer to 1. In nature in different places and at different natural conditions this factor changed but did not exceed its limits 0.7-1.3. 
I think it is high time to improve the existing models of generators or develop new generators of bipolar ionization and new automatic counters of ions. And this work is in operation now. From the very beginning I was engaged in bipolar ionization and I think the development of such generators has a great future.

I hope my opinion was interesting for you and I would appear on the pages of this site from time to time. Good-bye!

The author of the article - Reuta Victor Pavlovich