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Now holders of the card of russian bank or a bank registered in the CIS country can make payments for goods in our e-shop using his/her credit (debit) card. The purchase is authorized by the CyberPlat server.
According to the decision of the public experts committee, Yantar has become the prize-winner of the parade “Best in Russia” in the first half of 2006.

Two new ionizer models

We are glad to offer Yantar 5X (ceiling-mountable) and Yantar 5M (entry-level model).
Yantar was awarded the Diploma: "For the Active Participation in the Formation of Civilized Market (in Russia)" as a result of competition in the parade "Best in Russia", "Best in Moscow". The criterion was: quality of the products and services. The fund selected the companies which could enjoy consumers’ absolute confidence. The winners were testimonialized on the ceremony given by the government of Moscow.
And finally, the Yantar 5A ionizer now come with the RC units! The unit allows to choose rotation speed of the fan, one at a time, from the range of 10 pre-set values. Users are allowed to lower ion density, disable the indicator. Also, this model is extended to use as a part of ionization systems with gauging devices: to set and maintain ionization parameters.
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The show will take place from November 29 to December 2, 2005 in Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Center, pavilion #57. We participate in the show. Everybody can come, see the newest products, which haven’t been shown on our site, including the multi-functional “Yantar” air purifier. It may be possible to see its variants for industrial use. You will be able to buy any product whatever you like, at our stand.
The new firmware and hardware revisions allowed for using remote controllers. The RC unit is now part of standard bundle. The RC unit is dual-purpose: it allows to control the main unit mode of operation, and can control parameters of ionization, memorize them. Gauging unit can be used as an option to implement the system with feedback, to set and maintain the desired ionization parameters.
Sapphire 3M can now be ordered in our e-shop. The device can either use the line supply or run on batteries. Sapfir 3M has the dual-purpose serial (RS232) interface to a PC: it can be used both to get data and/or to control the device. The software allows to monitor averaged (for a given period of time) values of ion density.
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