Bipolar air ionizer Yantar-7A is made entirely of solid wood (body and frame). Removable front cell with neodymium magnets for easy cleaning electrodes. The new design of the discharge electrodes made of stainless steel.
International Exhibition SAFETY AND LABOUR PROTECTION - 2015
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Equilibra Reconnecting with Nature naturally. Earthing Products - Bipolar Ionizers - Quinton Marine. Plasma Dirty Electricity Meters & Filters. +44 1642 872 610
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From 8 to 12 December in Moscow will be annual international exhibition "Health and safety - 2014". The exhibition will be held in 75th pavilion OCE (Art. M. ENEA). During the exhibition, call us at (903) 305-6000 Yantar LLC
Redesigned, improved characteristics of car ionizer Yantar-5T

Air ion counter Yantar-8

The first samples of the counter ions Yantar-8. Large range (up to 50,000,000 ions in cubic cm. Digital integration allows you to choose the frequency of removal of samples, depending on the task. Periodic automatic installation mode 0 and gain calibration allows the clock measurements without human intervention (Meteostation).
Added alternatives veneered enclosures. You can see them in the catalogue.
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