Yantar 5E and Yantar 5K can now be ordered in our e-shop.

Happy New 2005 Year!

The staff of the firm "Sapphire" ("Yantar") congratulate you with Happy New Year!!! We wish you all good health and success in your personal life and at work!Schedule during the holidays: from 1 to 5 January - weekend January 6 - as usual, without rest or a weekend :)
The show will take place from November 2 to November 5, 2004 in Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Center, pavilion #69. Everybody invited, to acquire familiriaty with our products, including the latest models, which have not been shown here on our site yet!
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A newly designed Yantar 5A has finally been put into production! You can order it online. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask – in our forum.
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Новый раздел - Применение ионизации в животноводствеНовая серия статей о применении ионизации в животном хозяйстве, влияние ионизации на животных. Этот раздел будет одним из самых интересных, можно будет узнать статистику, как же влияет ионизация, какая от нее польза. 1. Аэроионизация животноводческих помещений 2. Аэроионизация яиц в выводном шкафу 3. Сравнение ионизации в свободной атмосфере и в помещениях с кондиционированным воздухом
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Open additional phone line in Arizona, USA, for people living outside of Russia. If you are interested in the acquisition of our products, you can leave a message or fax, and we will contact you.Telephone / Fax +1 (928) 4414528 Arizona, USA
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