Bipolar air ionizer Yantar 7A

The modern model of bipolar ionizer Yantar-7A is mean to create and maintain of established concentration of light air ions of both positive and negative polarities.

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7 800,00 руб.


Type of ionizerneedle-shaped (corona discharge)
Applicable room size1–4 persons, up to 60 cubic meters
Unipolarity factor1,0+/-0,3
Range of ions concentration (N+, N-) within 1 mfrom 500 to 100.000 air ions/cm3
Flow rate of air within of 1mup to 0,3 m / s
Fan performanceup to 80 cubic meters / hr
Fan size92 x 92 mm
Type of premiseOffice, living quarters
Ozone concentration generated by unitNo more than 0.03 mg/m 3 (average daily MAC* for atm. air)
Noise level of coolerup to 40 dB
Time of continuous runningWithout restrictions
Power consumptionLess than 5 watt
Weight, not more than920 grams
Overall dimensions, no more than112 x 160 x 105 mm
Power requirements120/220 V, 50-60 Hz

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Bipolar air ionizer Yantar-7A is made entirely of solid wood (body and frame). Removable front cell with neodymium magnets for easy cleaning electrodes. The new design of the discharge electrodes made of stainless steel.

Биполярный ионизатор Янтарь-7А

  1. Noiseless mode of operation
  2. Long-lasting needles, staying clean for a long period of time;
  3. Firm rings, contributing to stabilized concentration and unipolarity factor of ionization. 
  4. Modern design
  5. Environmental-friendly materials
  6. Suitable both for office and home use; 
  7. Wide range of furniture materials: pine, beech, oak, custom (e.g., mahogany)
  8. Cases are not electrified 
  9. Ultra-low chemical substances emission, far exceeding strict environmental requirements for home and office use 
  10. Uniform ions distribution within the whole room – thanks to the high quality fan. 
  11. Ionization does not have impairment on electronic devices, ionizer can be used in continuous mode of operation. 
  12. Each unit is adjusted individually (concentration, unipolarity).
  13. The unit produces no electrostatic field, thus no dust is depositing on the walls or ceiling with time. 
  14. Ionizer helps to neutralize the static charge of objects in the room. 
  15. Veneered units have handy multi-functional remote control.

Advantages of bipolar ionization method:

  • improvement of psychological and physical health state;
  • suppression of fungi and bacteria activity;
  • air purification – eliminate suspended particles of very fine dust;
  • electrostatic charge neutralization.

Ionizer Yantar-7A

Case made of beech (on the left) and oak (on the right)

Bipolar   ionizer Yantar-7A should be installed within 2-4 meters from  the person. It  produces air ions of both polarities, which help to compensate for their deficiency in the breathing area.

The air ion content is consistent with the sanitary code of Russian Federation. The code says that the air must contain ions of both polarities, like in nature.

To place an order for the bipolar ionizer Yantar'-7A, please fill in the on-line form.

For measuring of ion concentration air ion counter is recommended – it gauges ions of both polarities.