Bipolar air ionizer Yantar 5K

The modern model of bipolar ionizer Yantar 5K is meant to create and maintain of established concentration of light air ions of both positive and negative polarities. It can be used primarily in factory shops, conference-halls, in gyms, in poultry farms.

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28 000,00 руб.


Type of ionizerNeedle-shaped
Applicable room sizeUp to 150 sq. meters
Unipolarity factor1,0 +/- 0,5
Range of ions concentration (N+, N-) within 2 mfrom 500 to 80,000 ions/cm3
Flow rate of air within of 1mup to 5 m/s
Fan performance200 – 1 550 cubic meters / hr
Fan size254x254 mm
Type of premiseProduction facilities, conference rooms, halls, gyms, etc.
Ozone concentration generated by unitNo more than 0.01 mg/m3 (average daily MAC* for atm. air)
Noise level of coolerup to 62 dBA
Time of continuous runningNot limited
Power consumptionNo more than 25 W
Weight, not more than6 kg
Overall dimensions, no more than280 mm x 310 mm x 160 mm
Power requirements220 VAC, 50 Hz

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The unit can be widely adopted to reduce electrostatics in industrial structures, e.g. in polyethylene production, as wel as TV and radio towers, traffic control towers, etc

  1. Controllable airflow speed combined with the synchronous ion concentration and unipolarity adjustment.
  2. Long-lasting needles, staying clean for a long period of time;
  3. Firm rings
  4. Low maintenance cost
  5. Modern design
  6. Suits equally well for office and industrial use;
  7. Wide range of furniture materials: pine, beech, oak, custom (e.g., mahogany)
  8. Uniform ions distribution within the whole room – thanks to the large, durable, high quality, top performance fan.
  9. Ionization does not have impairment on electronic devices, ionizer can be used in continuous mode of operation.
  10. Each unit is adjusted individually (concentration, unipolarity).
  11. State of the art circuitry helps to maintain steady output of light aeroions in particular – it is essential that only the ions of high agility are healthful.
  12. The unit produces no electrostatic field, thus no dust is depositing on the walls or ceiling with time.
  13. Ionizer may be used to neutralize the electrostatics in the room, diminish smells, radically reducing fine dust content in the indoor air.
  14. Handy dual-mode remote control unit
  15. May be coupled with the measuring block, to maintain and control ionization in the room

Bipolar  ionizer Yantar 5K should be installed within 5-15 meters from  the user. It  produces air ions of both polarities, which help to compensate for their deficiency in the breathing area.

The air ion content is consistent with the sanitary code of Russian Federation. The code says that the air must contain ions of both polarities, like in nature.