From the physics of uncharged gases is known that it is possible to find out not only monomolecular, but also monatomic ions and moreover some heavier ("multi molecular") ions in ionized gases at high pressures. The mobility of these ions is much smaller than the mobility of monomolecular ions; moreover they were found in different gases and mixtures of gases, it was defined while measurement of mobility and with the help of mass spectrography
Concentration of small ions in free atmosphere, its daily and seasonal correlation with other meteorological factors, such as humidity, wind direction and precipitations were studied very carefully both on the ground and on open sea. The most important results can be stated as following:
Argument. In this article there are represented results of big and small ions concentration measurements at different heights near the ground surface. The measurements are made in Uppsala during calm summer nights. To give the full picture of experiments there are also curves of ions concentration changes. Near the ground concentration of ions increases in comparison with higher layers of air. After the sunset the quantity of big ions lowers an
IntroductionWhile studying the works, devoted to air ionization researches, there appeared some changes of research directions from the period of discovery of air ions up to nowadays. On the first stage the appropriate effects were observed in atmosphere air and there were made a number of experimental researches in appropriate conditions. Experimental study of ions in mixture of gases, called air, at atmosphere pressure showed that the obser
The influence of air ions on cells and bacteria The fact, that biological effect of atmosphere ions did not depend on functioning of circulatory, vascular and nervous systems, was confirmed by experiments of Kruger and Smith with trachea, and also by the results received from researches, where was defined the influence of artificially created ions on bacterial and cellular cultures.
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