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Cyclone-05M Toolkit

CYCLONE-05M toolkit is a complete solution intended for magnetic induction, intensity of low-frequency electro-magnetic (EM) fields. It is suitable for measuring the above parameters near to various devices, including PCs. It can be used  to control compliance of a device to the norms in conservation of nature and safety of work, according to the State Standard of Russian Federation (GOST Р 50948-96) and Sanitary Rules (SanPin 2.2. 2.542-96).

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The toolkit is comprised of: variable electric fields meter IEP-05, and variable magnetic fields meter IMP-05, electrostatic field meter IESP-01. Devices are packed in a suitcase of the following dimesions: 175*81*45 mm, and placed in auxiliary plastic case, for most convenient use. There are two types of power supply that can be used: battery "Corund" with output voltage 9V, and AC ~220 /50 Hz. In the latter case, use of external power supply BPI-02 is required. If required, the meter can be supplied with the custom-built power supply for AC ~110/60Hz.

The Variable Electric Field Meter - IEP-05 
(State Register No. 17288-98) 

  • Frequency range: 
    • Band I: 5 Hz - 2 kHz 
    • Band II: 2 kHz - 400 kHz 
  • Intensity levels of a variable electric field:
    • Band I 10-200 V/m 
    • Band II 1-20 V/m 
  • General measurement error  <= 20 %. 
  • Weight with disk antenna  ~0,9 kg.

The Variable Magnetic Fields Meter IMP-05 
(State Register No. 17289-98) 

  • Consists of two blocks - IMP-05/1 and IMP-05/2. 
  • Frequency range: 
    • IMP-05/1 5 Hz - 2 kHz 
    • IMP-05/2 2 kHz - 400 kHz 
  • Measurement Range
    • IMP-05/1 100-2000 nTl 
    • IMP-05/2 10-200 nTl; General measurement error <= 20%. 
  • Weight of each block  ~0,75 kg. 
  • Highlight: Real-time measurement of magnetic induction using isotropic antenna, essentially simplifying the measurement process.

The Electrostatic Field Meter IESP-01 
(№ in State Register 17663-98) 

  • Device IESP-01 is intended for measurement of equivalent electrostatic potential on a surface of the screen of the monitor. Can find industrial application in testing for electromagnetic safety compliance. 
  • Measurement Range 180 kV/m 
  • General measurement error <=10 % 
  • Delivery system: electrostatic field intensity meter IESP-01; a holder with disk D=200mm for electrostatic potential measurement of the display screen (test for SanPiN 2.2. 2.542-96 compliance); 
  • The measuring plate 500*500 mm * (for measurements according to GOST 50949-96).
    * -Optional