Artificial ionization of air for physical methods of treatment

Artificial ionization of air for physical methods of treatment

As the result of physical laws research we get knowledge which is widely adopted in medicine, especially if new scientific biochemical, chemical and also pharmaceutical researches develop this data. And it is important to say that this knowledge is little used and the reason is the weakly developing biophysics, especially the question of cellular energy. At present moment we don't have enough experience to get the full view of specific climatological and geophysical effects in order to combine them with functions of living matter.
The influence of radiation and its by-products on cellular sensitivity, its activity and ability to reproduction, its conversion into other types of physical energy, adsorption and its real adsorption is hardly known nowadays. Very often the deficiency in fundamental scientific knowledge causes the substitution of observations and recognition of experiment (not theories) as the basic knowledge. 
Most likely the influence of ionized air on well-being of a man was of no interest, and it even wasn't curious for scientists. And maybe the reason of such neglectful attitude towards this question nowadays is the modern direction of medical research and difficulties of external experiments monitoring. Actually, in natural conditions there is no opportunity to escape the influence of other climatic components and temporary use just one of them for experimental purposes.

Only artificially created reiterations of experiments of identical level of intensity will allow to make right evaluation of this or that effect in laboratory. So, here is the description of the physical factor of environment, which can be reconstituted artificially. With the support of Dessor and his co-authors works it is decided to study thoroughly the influence of air ionization on a particular group of people.

According to Krowter researches it is determined that air ionization can be observed both in natural and artificial conditions. Main natural sources of such air ionization are cosmic rays and radioactive particles dispersed in air and in the earth's crust. It is important to mention that radioactive substances appear in the air mainly as the result of thorium and radium decay. They evolve alpha, beta and gamma rays. Probably gamma rays are the main reason of air ionization, while alpha and beta radiation aspires to adsorb in the earth's crust. 

For example, Martin, Schvangarp and Ressor came to the general conclusion that artificial air ionization can be performed at the expense of the following components:

  1. thermo ionic ion fluctuations
  2. radioactive substances
  3. X-rays
  4. photo-ionization
  5. spray discharge of static machine under high voltage
  6. high-frequency current
  7. water dispersion

The article of Schvangarp and Ressorwas edited and expanded by Aydar Tuktagulov (